The B-Ready Emergency Kits are created and refined collaboratively with readiness and survival experts from every discipline.  They are head-and-shoulders above every other mass-produced kit on the market in terms of quality and components.  They’re also a bit more expensive than those other kits, but THESE are the ones we trust our own and our families’ lives to.  We NEVER compromise on quality and proudly set our standards higher than any other commercially available emergency kit – at ANY price point.  That’s what our clients deserve.

Every item in every B-Ready kit is hand-picked, vetted and tested for quality and value.  We never cut corners and you won’t find generic, low-quality items that just “check the box” like those other emergency kits.  Each bag is expertly hand-assembled to our exacting standards and guaranteed to provide you the highest level of quality for when you need it most!

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